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AMI Nails' acrylic powders 1oz available in 21 colors are a high-quality and versatile product for applying acrylic nails. They are designed to provide a professional and long-lasting finish.

Each color available has been carefully formulated to provide a wide range of hues, from classic whites and nudes to vibrant reds, blues and greens. These colors mix easily with each other, allowing you to create personalized and unique designs.


The powder texture is easy to work with and adheres perfectly to the nail, allowing for a smooth and uniform application. In addition, its lump-free formula guarantees a professional result without the need for touch-ups.


AMI Nails acrylic powders have excellent adhesion and durability, ensuring that the work remains intact for a long time. They won't chip or peel, providing a clean, durable look.


These acrylic powders are also characterized by their easy drying, which saves time in the application process. In addition, its consistency remains stable throughout its use, preventing it from drying out or hardening prematurely.


In short, AMI Nails acrylic powders available in 21 colors are a reliable and quality option for creating amazing acrylic nail designs. Their wide range of shades, easy-to-work powder texture and durability make them an ideal option for any manicure professional or amateur.

Acrylic Powder 93

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